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Check out some of our latest tree work projects

7-15-22 Here are some Before & After pics of a large silver maple we pruned in Northglenn. The tree received a full structure prune along with a deep root water and fertilizing treatment. With the full structure prune we were able to remove all the hazard limbs that were over the house.

2-24-22 We completed a large technical removal project in Boulder County. Due to the trees locations & amount of property damage being done it was necessary to complete a removal of the trees on the property. We removed several trees including Siberian Elm, Box Elder, Ash Trees, American Elms & more. Check out the project below & if you are looking to have a tree removed from your property due to sustaining property damage, contact us to get started!

2-9-22 We recently helped a repeat customer in Roggen, Colorado remove some Cottonwood Trees. This was a large project and with the help of Forrest at Bullard Tree Care we were able to complete in one day. These trees were all declining and threatening the buildings on the property. The customer requested that all the wood be dropped limbed & bucked. The rest would be left for him to deal with. 

12-7-21 This was a very technical job removing this Hybrid Cottonwood Tree in Lochbuie. There was a lot of technical rigging to miss lots of ground targets. The entire project from start to finish took 5 hours to complete and you can't even tell a tree was there. We also received a very nice 5 Star review on Google: "Was so nice to hire a company that knew what they were doing. On time, safety was first, great job. Exceeded all expectations. Ray and his crew are second to none it the tree removal business".

We recently removed 2 large cottonwood trees for a client in Henderson, CO. We also subcontracted out the stump grinding portion of the removal to Jeff with Superior Stump Grinding. After we finished grinding the client requested that we back fill it to grade so they can plant seed in the springtime. We also got to test out our brand new wood chipper that we recently purchased. Learn more about our tree removal & stump grinding process.

Spicy highly technical American Elm tree removal in Brighton, CO. Compounded by being in communication lines, guy wire and just under a 3 phase power line. And over a building with a new roof. Required a full road closure to ensure safety and placement of the equipment. As always I wish I had more time to take pics. Give us a call 303-881-0018 and let us care for your property. The Riverdale team brought together the best of the best and removed this monster in under 6 hours.

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