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Riverdale Tree Services:
Tree Trimming Services in Brighton, Colorado

There are several benefits to having your trees Trimmed.

You have probably heard that pruning is beneficial to your trees, but do you know why? There are several reasons why proper pruning really does help your trees grow strong and healthy. Here are four reasons why you should consider having your trees pruned:
When is the best time to have my trees trimmed?

The best time to have your trees trimmed is during the winter as there are generally no pests infecting your tree and also your trees are currently in dormant season with little to no growth happening which makes it a perfect time to prune your trees before spring time & blossoming begins.

It Makes Them Healthier
When you prune away dying or infested branches, it prevents the insects or other organisms that are harming those branches from infecting the rest of the tree. That can save the tree’s life, and save you money on a replacement.
It Can Stimulate or Suppress Growth
You can prune trees in such a way that either promotes new growth or suppresses unwanted growth. Get rid of any parts that are overgrown by pruning them aggressively, and promote new growth by pruning more sparsely.

It Makes Them Safer
Pruning can keep low-hanging branches from becoming too large and hazardous. On smaller trees, it can keep the foliage from blocking a sidewalk or growing in a way that rubs and damages other foliage.

Colorado Winters Are Rough on Trees
Structural Pruning for Snow loading to reduce chances of breakage, this is accomplished by reducing long ends of limbs and fine pruning of branches.

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